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Oshawa, Ontario, may not get as much media attention as other parts of Ontario, but there are many exciting things to do here for people of all ages. Darlington Provincial Park, for example, is located in Oshawa and has an incredibly blue - irrigated sandy beach and campsite, as well as a number of hiking trails and walking trails. From hiking, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, camping to hiking and cycling trails, there is something for everyone. This beautiful oasis is located in the middle of the forest along Niagara Hill and is one of the most unique spas in Ontario.

Located at the western end of the Oshawa River, it has numerous cafés where you can sit and relax. Peterborough also has a thriving arts and culture scene, so visit Peterborough before or after to have a great day. Be sure to check out all the entertainment options that will attract audiences of all ages, including a variety of music, dance, theater, art, food and of course shopping and shopping.

If you want to save your family a day trip, you can save money by using vouchers for Ontario attractions that you can find on this page for two - for - one admission. This Ontario Attraction gift card gives 2 adults $50, only $3.50 per adult, and the Art Gallery is free on Wednesdays from 6 to 9 p.m. and Thursdays from 5 to 7: 30 p.m. If you're having some fun in Toronto, take a day off and visit us later for free or if you're looking for something different, save some money with the Ontario attraction coupons that you'll find on the website.

This end-to-end tour takes six days from Northumberland to Niagara and you can take a beautiful short scenic route or keep the route comfortable and take the family to Sixteen Mile Creek, which is close to Commercial and Laurier. After an afternoon of tubing, it's time for a night in Pickering, but you'll probably want to return to your bed and breakfast to refresh yourself afterwards. This fast-paced and scenic hike from Niagara Falls to Lake Ontario can be done with the family for just $5 per adult or $3 per child.

Ontario has a day trip to Toronto if you're interested in a long-distance trip from Oshawa to one of Canada's major cities, but you don't have to travel to Canada's largest city every day. GO trains take you from Union Station to Pickering in less than 40 minutes, and you can travel to Oshawas by train. The GO bus is not a bad option for those of you who are without a car, or you don't have to travel all day to a big city like Toronto. OshAWA has some great options in the city, with a wide selection of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and hotels.

If the city is just a step away from nature, there is something to do every day of the week, whether you are hiking, kayaking, skiing or more. With stunning waterfront scenery, beautiful parks and a variety of outdoor activities, this Ontario resort is the best place to spend spring.

If there's one hike this year, it's this: The impressive Waterfront Trail is 1,999.68 miles long and stretches from Niagara Lake to Brockville, past the city of Oshawa. If you're looking for an incredible place to drive by, don't go to Niagara Falls National Park or Lake Ontario Trail, but if you do, you'll want to.

Take a stroll through the beautiful, historic downtown and spend some time finding the best views of the Nith and Grand Rivers. Downtown Oshawa is the happenings place in town for visitors, which is quite a big accolade to be the prettiest little town in Canada. It has several theaters throughout Ontario, including the Ontario Playhouse, Oshawassee Theatre and Huron Valley Theatre Company. They also have sixteen rotating taps, so if you're not a great place to play, you'll know what it's like to visit one of their selection teams - me - on visiting tours.

If you are in Oshawa, you should definitely see a game, then you will not be disappointed, because the season is running and the home team is in town. During the current season, you can also watch an Oshaw Generals game every Saturday night, even if it's a home game.

An important place to learn about the history and culture of the indigenous people is the Petroglyphs Provincial Park in Peterborough. If you want to learn more about the Canadian Armed Forces, the Royal Canadian Air Force Base in Oshawa is an excellent place to visit.

While you're there, you can wander the entire island, dive into incredible food, cruise a picturesque lake, paddle the most beautiful waterways, and finally enjoy the sunset at some of Ontario's most beautiful spots. While there, you can take a walk on the wind - smooth rocks that are iconic for Ontario, or take a close look at the list above to get an idea of all the activities in Oshawa, Canada. Here are a few of my favorite places to visit in and around the city of Ontario and the greater Toronto and Hamilton area.

More About Oshawa

More About Oshawa