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The Music Hall Concert Theatre in nearby Oshawa has closed its doors due to the impact of the December 19 pandemic. All events at the Oshawa Convention Centre have been cancelled and the Oshawa Music Awards will be streamed live online and can be viewed at home.

Click here to learn more about the Durham Shores Chorus and click here to learn more about membership. Share your interest in connecting with others at local music events and share your thoughts on the Oshawa Music Awards, including news about current and past winners.

The Cork and Bean in downtown Oshawa always hosts a variety of events and the venue also supports local music. Simcoes Blues & Jazz Bar is open a few evenings a week and is definitely one of my favorite places in Oshawas.

The primary goal of the organisation is to give young people from Durham and the surrounding region the opportunity to present their musical and linguistic talents to professional jurors. DYO performs at least three times a season and we contribute not only to the music culture of the Durham area, but also to our community through community outreach and volunteering.

Since then, the ensemble has grown to over 65 singers and is growing and performing in the Durham area. It is extremely important to us that we continue to unite and promote the Durham music community by celebrating local artists and recognising their significant contributions to the music industry and culture. Since 2017, OMA has begun the process of recognizing the need to celebrate local musical talent in a meaningful way.

The British emigrant Jack London, who founded his Sparrows in Oshawa, Ontario, in early 1964. After moving to Toronto that same year, the line was remixed with London and the Edmonton brothers joined. At the same time, local jazz musician Art Ayre was hired to replace Feeney, who had gone to found his own band in Toronto. Musicians born in the Oshawas area include musicians from Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Kitchener - Waterloo, Toronto and Durham, as well as local artists.

At the end of an outstanding year Caesar was booked for a performance at the Royal Albert Hall in Toronto, where he lived for the next two years.

The Oshawa Folk Arts Council was founded with the aim of bringing together ethnic cultures in the city and sponsors various musical and cultural events, including pavilions from many countries that provide food and entertainment in their home countries. The event aims to develop, grow and unite the music community in and around the towns of Oshaw and Durham. From emerging and established music professionals to young musicians, musicians of all ages and musicians of all walks of life, the events in the framework of Oshawa Music Week are tailored to the diverse members of Durham's cultural landscape. It was refreshing to see events like the Onyx performance, which have led to growing interest and participation from the local community and the international community.

Under the direction of Music Director Marco Parisotto, the Ontario Philharmonic's program reflects the city's diversity and diverse cultural heritage. The Canterbury Singers of Oshawa (1953 - 68) are a multi-instrumental group with a rich and varied repertoire of classical and contemporary music. Durham Shores Chorus was founded in 1994 and is one of the oldest and most successful choirs in Canada, with a repertoire that includes classical, folk, jazz, opera, rock, pop, blues, classical, liturgical and other music genres.

The Oshawa Civic Band is now a descendant of the regimental band of the 34th Ontario Regiment, founded in 1866, and the City Band, formed in 1870 and later known as the Oshawa Citizens' Band. The band was renamed the Oshawansa Civic Band in 1968 and has been playing concerts in the park since 1991.

When the Canadian record store chain Sunrise announced in early 2019 that it would take over the venerable British music retailer HMV in full in 2019, it seemed that a concerted effort was underway to maintain a brick-and-mortar presence in music retail in the world's major markets. Musical organizations from other parts of Ontario and Wales have been visiting Oshawa since the early 20th century, and in the mid-1940s a music study group was formed at the University of Toronto under the leadership of Hugh Martyn. The group, founded in 1954 to perform light operettas, began in Bowmanville and moved to Oshaw soon after under the direction of Hughes Martyn. It later developed into a semi-professional community group consisting of local players and students from the University of Toronto, with an emphasis on musicology, music education and community engagement. The Oshaga Symphony Orchestra (see orchestra), founded in 1957, was originally an amateur orchestra, but later evolved into an amateur orchestra and later the Oshawansa Civic Band, as well as a "semi-professional" and "community" group consisting of native players from students at the University of Toronto.

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