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Oshawa, the largest community in the Durham region, has a vibrant culinary community that allows locals and visitors to enjoy everything from vegan sticky rice wraps to local craft beer. In our series on the suburban bites of the stars, we take a look back at Canada's former Motor City. In the heart of Oshawa and Durham County, a small, developing Whitby campus aims to preserve its agricultural heritage through its food and beverage offerings.

Much of the southern ridge is covered with various plants, but it is the sight of fertile farmland that fascinates me. Guests can see various vegetable plants growing, which are harvested in the fields to prepare for storage and consumption and brought into the building by fork.

As horticulture students already cultivate orchards, vegetable plants and greenhouses, it is hoped that the locally harvested products can be brought directly to the kitchen on the second floor for preparation and cooking.

One of the most successful elements of this project is Restaurant Bistro 67, named after the year Durham College was founded. The restaurant is inspired by teaching and students prepare fresh meals in the kitchen using local produce for lunch and dinner service.

The menu includes a variety of dishes such as burgers, salads, soups, sandwiches, pasta, desserts and much more. Bebe finished off with a satisfying kofta burger with smoked chicken wings drizzled with barbecue ranch sauce and a side of sour cream.

Other menus included a spicy turkey sandwich with gravy and a spicy pork belly sandwich. Fans' favourites included grilled pork chops with jumbo shrimp and steamed rice, fried squid, and chicken and rice. The chef's specialties included chicken with marinated prawns, pork ribs, chicken wings, beef breast and pork. The best of the best included a creamy eggplant dip with smoked eggplant, spicy tomato sauce and sweet and sour cream, and a side dish with chicken salad.

I like those with honey and peaches, but since I am not here to judge, I will leave that to you. I washed everything down with a big glass of bubble tea and I like to make one with my honey peach.

The restaurant has become a good link to the community, attracting a steady stream of guests from all over the region day and night, and locals hug each other eagerly. The exaggerated linear space allows guests to have a window seat overlooking the site, observe the traffic passing by on the highway and follow developments from the air. Instead of a hermetic, cramped, hot kitchen, students can cook in the studio with plenty of natural light, made possible by large windows, double glazing and double-height ceilings, without experiencing the hermetic of cramped, hot kitchens.

In Oshawa, Simmons said, she and other volunteers often hear from people in the Ontario Disability Support Program who, faced with the global pandemic, are forced to choose between buying hand sanitizers or food. Dorothy McFarlane, 54, turned to an Oshaw carer who helped a neighbor who was trapped in her home with health problems and could not go outside to fetch food. Two months later, they bought the Bassins Food Chain grocery chain with eight stores in Ajax, Ontario, and converted it into an IGA store. Consumers distributed branded goods - such as general merchandise - at reduced prices in a large, no-frills showroom. In 2010, Oshwa entered into a joint venture with the services company, which had provided capital for the chain's expansion eight years earlier.

Oshawa President Ray D. Wolfe announced plans to integrate the Kent Drug Store Unit into the new Towers department store. The acquisition increased Oshawa's annual revenue by $7 million, and the business was renamed Pharma Drugmarts, joining Ontario's list of largest drugstores with more than 1,000 stores. Also in 1968, Oshwa bought the men's and boys "departments operated by the company in 26 of its Towers stores and the department stores of the University of Ontario Medical Centre.

At the time of the acquisition, Marchland owned a business complex in Sudbury, Ontario, which included a grocery store, a gas station, Dominion Mushroom Farm and several other businesses. When the group's sales exceeded $3 billion, Oshawa sold the unit and Dominion's mushroom farm and sold the rest of its stake in the company's food and beverage business.

By the end of his shopping tour, Oshawa was one of the largest food and beverage companies in the United States and became the second largest grocery chain in Canada, behind only Loblaw. The company also strengthened its presence in the Atlantic provinces by acquiring Dominion Stores Ltd., and by purchasing a large number of grocery stores in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador. The food distribution unit was expanded at the end of the year and has been active ever since. It operates a network of over 1,000 stores in Canada and the USA and a distribution center in Toronto.

More About Oshawa

More About Oshawa