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The Landscape Artist of the Year of Canada is the best series in Canada, and an artist from Oshawa is one of three finalists for this year's prize at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Canadian painter Donna Griffin-Smith studied art history and design at Trent University and has enjoyed a long and successful career as a landscape painter in Ontario and the United States. The exhibition, a collaboration between the Art Gallery of Ontario, the University of Toronto and Oshawa's Fine Art Department, will include works by Smith and works by other finalists, including artists Edward O'Neill and Michael D'Arcy. A group from the University's Department of Fine Arts and Art History will help design the exhibition. Under their supervision, they are working with a group of students from Oshwa and the Faculty of Fine Arts who have registered for the Faculty's exhibition course.

He is an award-winning artist and an elected member of the Canadian Ontario Society of Artists. He is a founding curator of the Art Gallery of Ontario and now runs a social enterprise that supports artists in several industrial buildings in Markham, Ontario. His work focuses on mentoring young curatorial talents and advising the city of Oshawa on its cultural and art policy plans.

In the 1960s Winter made several commissioned works, including a mural on the wall of the Ontario Museum of Natural History in Toronto and a series of portraits of Canadian soldiers. The medal shown at the bottom of this mural is an exact representation of a Canadian military decoration. The trained art critic founded the Canadian Art Viewing Society, an independent, non-profit art and culture magazine, which appeared for ten years until 2015. In the following years, Dingle created illustrations for renowned publications and also taught at the Royal Ontario College of Art in Toronto and the University of Toronto.

The steel mushroom sculpture was donated to the city of Oshawa as part of the Canadian Art Collection at the Ontario Museum of Natural History. The school also donated the sculpture to the National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian Library and Archives Service.

The Group of Seven, the largest Canadian landscape revered by the Canadian Natural History Museum and National Gallery as one of the great Canadian landscapes of all time.

Enjoy vibrant and engaging public art at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa and appreciate the artistic creativity at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Cambridge Galleries would like to acknowledge the contributions of the Ontario Arts Council and the Oshawans to Ontario's art and culture.

The Burlington Art Centre joins the Group of Seven with an exhibition based on landscape, "Durham's Reach." The exhibition, which draws on works by local artists such as John D'Arcy, David Hockney, and David Guggenheim, looks at the artists who have created images of the deserted landscapes of our north. Durham Reach is based on the idea of bringing together local artists under one roof, which enables creativity, understanding, cohesion and removes obstacles that can disrupt the full enjoyment of a good painting. The exhibition juxtaposes examples of stage design in the theatre with those from the Hart House Permanent Collection and provides an insight into how work on stage and in the studio can inform each other.

Since Durham's artists have reached Lake Ontario, Lake Superior State University, the University of Waterloo and Lake Huron College, no networks or meetings are necessary.

Oshawa Murals, located in an urban facility, houses 15 murals highlighting the history, culture and significant milestones of our community. This ever-changing exhibition inspires creative minds with a diverse range of artworks by local, regional and international artists and artists from around the world.

The visual artist has been working on the set for over 20 years, and experience includes screen prints on fabric, silkscreen prints with fabric, and a large-format print of the painting.

He is a classically trained oil painter who specializes in portraits and is best known in Canada for his work in Surrealist art. His artistic style is symbolic and figurative, with a strong emphasis on the use of color and light in his works. Canadian watercolour painter, considered one of the most prolific watercolour painters in Canada in the late 20th century. Brad is an artist with over 20 years experience in the field of oil painting and watercolor painting.

Lismer became artistic director of the theatre for a short period in the 1920s and subsequently directed his course of studies in stage design, which repeatedly invented and built sets for the Hart House. He studied at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto and learned from the likes of William Caldwell, Robert E. Smith and William Clements. Caldwell was described as "the local artist of our time" and the Oshawa Art Gallery opened. In 1952, Collier was elected to the Ontario Society of Artists and in 1955 began teaching at the Ontario College of Art.

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